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     Sports teams and other users requiring vehicular access - please note that Friends of Northcliffe are not in any way responsible for arranging this. It is the responsibility of sports clubs and other organisations who are using the facilities to have made appropriate arrangements with the Council's Parks Department. If your team has such an arrangement, then the person responsible should have a key. We are unable to open and close padlocked park gates.

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     Chair                                       Steve Bruzzese                 

       Deputy Chair                              Guy Barford                                         
    Secretary                                     Julia Pearson               

     Membership                               Joan Newman                   

      Promotions                                  Lucy Llewelyn                     

       Vacant                                                       Vacant
     Heritage                                         Guy Barford                    

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     General enquires                                                                                                    

Bradford Council   01274 434066

 Day to day Problems and Unsociable Incidents eg riding of motorized vehicles through
the park etc., please ring
01274 434883 - Shipley Warden Manager. 

For reporting day to day problems in the wood, eg fallen trees or large branches etc.,
 please contact Bradford Council on 01274 434066.